Cancun Mexico Weather
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Weather in Cancun - Forecast

Cancun Mexico has great weather. All the year it is warm with a warm tropical climate. During the summer month it can get a little too warm for some, but to cool down again, it usually starts to rain in the afternoons around 4 PM. The rain is warm but reduces the humidity of the air, so that after a few hours, when the rain stops, the heat is less heavy. The rain season begins in June.

The average temperature in Cancun is quite stable during the year. The maximum temperatures for each month range from 80 degrees in January to 90 degrees in July and August. While the minimum temperatures for each month range from slightly below 70 degrees in December and January to about 80 degrees in July.

You can check the monthly averages in this table:

  January February March April May June
High 80 84 86 87 90 90
Low 69 70 72 72 78 79
  July August September October November December
High 91 92 91 89 85 82
Low 80 79 78 78 72 70

Cancun Mexico Weather