Cancun International Airport
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Flights to Cancun Mexico

Flight times to Cancun Mexico
New York5.5 hours
Miami1.5 hours
Chicago6 hours
San Francisco8 hours
Los Angeles7 hours
Houston3 hours
Toronto6 hours
Vancouver10 hours
Frankfurt15 hours
London15 hours
Paris12 hours
Mexico City2 hours

Cancun International Airport is only some 5 miles (8 km) south of Cancun Mexico and Cancun Hotel Zone. From Cancun International Airport you can go by taxi (waiting at Cancun International Airport) that drive you to Cancun City and to Cancun Hotel Zone. Many specialized transport services operate vans to transport tourist groups from Cancun International Airport to Cancuns Hotel Zone. Additionally, there are public bus lines from Cancun International Airport to various places of the region, including Cancun City and the Hotel Zone of Canun.

Tips for your arrival at Cancun Airport

Arriving at Cancun International Airport, first thing to do when you get off the plane is to get your baggage. At the newer Terminal 2 of Cancun International Airport are some 18 baggage turn tables; most likely you will find that your baggage is at one of the first ten tables as the remaining eight are only rarely used. Especially during holiday season, this area of the Cancun International Airport can get very crowded, so take your time and don't hurry to much — you are on vacation after all.

Next, you will need to go through customs and immigration. Usually there are quite a few immigration desks open, but still it can take some time until it is your turn, especially when several planes arrive at the same time.

Being in Cancun Mexico with a tour operator, they will probably have reserved a taxi for you and your group, or the hotel you are staying might offer a shuttle service. If not, you need to find a taxi outside the airport. When you take a taxi from the street, be sure to check that they have their licence plates and taxi number written on the car.

After you vacations, when returning to Cancun International Airport for your flight back home, be sure to arrive well on time. It is often very crowded during holiday seasons and the organization is a bit caotic. So best to do is arrive early so you do not get in a hurry in case you have to wait longer than expected at one of the counters you will need to pass through.

A good advice is to not leave any valuable items in your baggage when you check it in. Each piece of baggage is usually searched manually for security reasons when you leave from Cancun International Airport. The backside of this is that not all of the security personal is totally reliable, and some will be tempted to just take your digital camera of videocam from you baggage to later sell is and make some extra money. So better take those items with you on the plane in your carry-on baggage.

Cancun International Airport