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Rent a car in Cancun Mexico

Full-coverage car insurance in Cancun Mexico: This insurance costs about $20 U.S. per day extra when you rent a car in Cancun Mexico. However, if you get into an accident, this will avoid you to having to pay a part of the damage out of your own pocket. Usually, the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) car insurance offered in Cancun Mexico only cover about 90% of the damage cost. So you would have to pay about 10% of the rental car's value if it gets stolen or you have an accident. Check with the car rental company what kind of rental car insurance they offer before renting a car.

Damaged cars: When you rent a car in Cancun Mexico, you will get with it a form where all damages are marked that the rental car had before you rented the car. You should check carefully that all damages the rental car has are marked in that form. Especially check the windshield of the rental car for cracks and check if the rental car has both number plates.

Gasoline: In Cancun Mexico, the car rental companies do not fill up the gas tank every time a rental car is returned to the car rental company. So when you rent a car in Cancun Mexico, you may very well get one with the tank only one querter filled. In that case you are expected to return the rental car to the car rental company as you received it, with one quarter of gasoline in the tank. If the tank of the rental car was three quarters full, return the rental car with a three querters filled tank to the car rental company.

Car Rental Cancun Mexico