Cancun Mexico Beaches
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Beaches in Cancun Mexico

Picture,  Beaches of CancunIn Cancun as in all Mexico, the beaches are public property and can not be owned by individuals or companies. So there are no beaches belonging to only the guests of one hotel. Once you stand on the beach, you can walk in any direction for as long as you like. As Cancun's Zona Hotelera is actually an island, you will eventually return to where you started walking.

Great beaches near Cancun Mexico

All hotels of Cancun's Zona Hotelera have beaches. The hotels are located along the northern and the western coast of the Cancun Island, facing the Caribbean Sea. If you prefer the beaches that face the Lagoon, they are of course accessible as well.

All hotel beaches on Cancun Island, both the northern beaches and the eastern beaches are simple marvelous. The hotels offer a variety of facilities such as waiters bringing drinks to the beach or beach restaurants and bars, showers and restrooms, lifeguards and of course sun shelters, volleyball, aerobics classes and other sprorts.

Northern Beaches of Cancun Island

Picture of a Caribbean Beach - CancunThe beaches at the northern part of the Cancun Island are great for swimming and water sports. The area is called Bahia de Mujeres (Bay of Women). Here the water is calm and the beaches are very nice and clean. If you are planning a trip to Isla Mujeres, you will find here the ferries and ships that leave for the island.

When driving into the Zona Hotelera of Cancun Mexico, the first beach you see is the Playa las Perlas. It about one and a half mile away from Cancun City. Next to Playa Las Perlas is Playa Linda, followed by the Playa Langosta which is already some 3 miles away from Cancun City.

Following Playa Langosta, you find Playa Tortugas (Turtle Beach) and Playa Caracol (Snail Beach). The northern part of the Cancun Island has five beaches that face the Caribbean Sea. At the end of the Playa Caracol, the street turns southwards along the eastern part of Cancun Island.

Eastern Beaches of Cancun Island

Cancun Mexico Beaches