Cancun Mexico beach flags information
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Cancun Beach Flags

Cancun Mexico beaches have a flagging system to indicate current savety conditions on each section of the beach. Savety to swim, especially on the beaches towards the Caribbean Sea are marked by the weather conditions, tide conditions, wave conditions, and others.

The one, long beach in Cancun's Zona Hotelera is split up into sections of which each is marked with one of the following flags to indicate whether it is safe to go into the water to swim.

Beach flagging system of Cancun Mexico

A Black Flag is the highest warning level, indicating danger, do not swim. The second highest level is the Red Flag, indicating dangerous conditions and invite to only swim with much caution. The third warning level is the Yellow Flag that askes to use caution while swiming. The Green Flag finally marks tha water conditions as safe and ok to swim.

Black Flag The highest warning level, indicating real danger. Do not swim!
Red Flag Dangerous conditions! Only swim with much caution.
Yellow Flag No immediate danger, but use caution while swiming
Green Flag Water conditions are safe and ok to swim.

Cancun Mexico beach flags information